Liz Rotherham

Hi! I am Liz and I am 48 years old. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2003 - something that was a huge shock to myself and my family. Life was never to be the same again, so when I do my talks it is great to explain in depth just exactly what I went through.

I have suffered mainly from manic psychotic episodes that on average have occurred once a year since my diagnosis. Each episode has seemed to be more bizarre than the last, from believing I was Jesus's sister with all my disciples ready to change the world, to telling my brother in law I could stop a train and that I would show him!

It all sounds funny but there were also some very frightening experiences, like when I thought evil spirits were trying to get me. I was terrified, and so were the people around me as they felt helpless.

I share my story to give people a greater understanding of mental disorders with the hope that through my talks I will encourage others to be brave and speak out.

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07 August 2019

Liz Rotherham Interview 07 August 2019.mSpeaker Talk Radio
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